Importance of Fundraising Gifts

You have been tasked to host a Fundraiser benefit for a charity. With this task, you will have many responsibilities to take care of, one of them being fundraising gifts.

What is a fundraising gift?

A fundraising gift is a little "Thank-You" gift from the organizers at the fundraiser to thank you for participating and donating to the cause.

What this means is...

By gifting each of your fundraisers donors, your are showing them appreciation for participating in a great cause and also showing them that their presance is beneficial and valued. Your also creating an environment which will generate a lot of word of mouth. Generating word of mouth is greatly beneficial for your fundraiser to continue to grow.

Having other incentives, such as if you donate x amount you will be eligible for y as a gift (X being a denomination and Y being the "incentive/gift"); will allow you to personalize much grander gifts to the donors, thus the result being a greater turnout for the next event. Such incentives could be things like: Personalized Golf Set, Jackets, Games, Drinkware, Bags & Luggage, Blankets ect. All containing the name/logo of the fundraiser.

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